Blue Springs Scout Reserve

Event Trail

Saturday's activities will be held on the Orange Trail of BSSR (mostly). We will have the event trail clearly marked. Look out for our custom trail markers. Patrols will start at various locations on the trail moving counter-clockwise during the rotation periods. 

At lunch time, patrols will stay at the activity they last completed to cook and eat their Lunch. There will not be time for groups to return to their site at Ebor Park.

Camp Map

Base Camp

Camp HQ

Station Hotel will be our camp HQ. It will act as our warming station, main first aid post, and auction hall!

Tenting Sites

Troops camp in Kingfisher and the fields outside of Station Hotel and Radial Lodge.

First Aid and Warming Centre

On Saturday Patrols will have the opportunity to stop in at Crabapple Pavilion to warm up and enjoy a relaxing activity or seek first aid support from our MedVents!

Overnight First Aid and Warming Centre

Acton Hut will be acting as our overnight warming centre and first aid post. Anyone that is in need of first aid or warmth during the night can find a couple of MedVents stationed here.